Author: Samuel J. Rosenthal

short story about puppy love 3

The Human Comedy: The Pink Puppy

Short  Story George awoke with Fleur’s tongue in his ear. “Ugh,” he grumbled, pushing her away. “You never stop, do you?” As if to confirm his statement, the 13-pound ball of fur spun in...

Humorous Short Stories, The Human Comedy: Star Light, Star Bright 2

The Human Comedy: Star Light, Star Bright

Short Story It had been a long time since Angie had seen the stars. Normally, when she looked to the heavens in the whirring metropolis of Manhattan, all she saw was metal, glass and ConEdison wattage. Humans...

short story about going to the dentist 2

The Human Comedy: Bicuspids

Short Story The dentist’s chair. Why did they call it that? The dentist never sat there, that was for sure. The dentist’s torture chamber — that was more like it. The hygienist was nice...