By Your Side

poem about relationships
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Sitting here, it’s a late night with you
You warned me of how you were feeling
I don’t know why
Trying to protect me from disappointment, expectation
Even though it builds concern
You type on your computer
I know you just want to go to bed
Trapped by the walls of responsibility
A swaying house you are building
Trying to construct supports
Relentlessly on guard
Constantly standing with arms open
To brace any falls

Buttresses in every direction
You want to please everyone
The quick tap of the keys
The sigh of your breath
The clearing of your throat
Your pensive chin resting in your hand
You do so much
You care so much
You’re doing the best that you can
The best that you can

I’m here, too
I like working hard together
I like having a comrade
When pulling an all-nighter
I like being able to help
When you need a friend

Take a breath
Take a moment
Finish what you need to do
Embrace what you are called to do
You’re making this tall and high
The unknown is wobbling
But I’m here by your side


more by ANNA ELISE

photograph by Israel Sundseth


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