Too Much Murakami

Path in the Mountains
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I’ve fallen down a well,
Descending through stretching darkness
The mysteries of the universe flashing past me
Like road signs,
Too fast to read.

And I could fall forever,
Feel the cool comfort of the void
Brush against me,
Soft as cat’s fur.

Or I could emerge,
Walk the shadowed corridors that expand ever outwards,
Meet denizens of the beyond
For conversation,

And maybe some light jazz.

There is a trail to be found,
Follow the figure of a woman who walks too calmly
And don’t lose your footing.

Or else.
Stay home,
Pass your life under a broad, clean sky
Until silence claims you.

A word of warning though.
No one finds their happy ending,
The path twists and turns too sharply for the feint hearted and
Only pure oblivion greets you if you fall.

It’ll take longer than forever to reach the end;
Even now the air smells of decay
As I push back the cracked wooden cover,
Stare into the thickening darkness,

And ease myself down.


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