Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake
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Listening carefully through
whispers of winds and
chatter of travelers.
Through the calls of
birds seeking a mate
footsteps on the rocks,
I hear what’s underneath.
A gentle ripple of water
kissed by the breeze.
The small cracks of the ice
in its slow melt to
summer revealing
of rock and snow,
vast expanse of the sky
in a never-ending globe

What’s real feels
so close
as my ears attune to the
depth and breadth
surrounding me.

Tingling chimes like
those that hang from a
porch roof, jingling
their song in
an evening dance with the wind
is the song I receive
from the crackling icicles
floating by.

This moment fills me like
the chipmunk’s cheeks.
I want to take it all
horde these moments and
hide the memories deep
in the abode of my soul
to feed on in the
future famine.

Oh, such beauty,
such life.
Not one word,
or poem,
or photo in my camera can
quite capture
the essence of connection
I feel right now.

more by MISSY

Photograph by Alberto Restifo

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