A Fine Christmas

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10:00 am. Anna’s Christmas Shut In 2014 is off to a perfect start. Sweats, nutella out of the jar and Home Alone 2. Serenity!

10:03 am. This Kevin kid knows how to live it up alone. He’s like my spirit animal.

10:10 am. Kahlua in coffee. Pants off.

11:00am. Incoming facetime from my parents.

11:02 am. Connecting…

11:04 am. Connecting…

11:06 am. I mean, talking to my parents today is just like talking to them any other day. It’s no big deal if we can’t get it to work today. It’s totally fine.

11:11 am. It’s so sweet how hard Kevin’s mom is looking for him in the city. Damn it, where did I put those tissues?

12:02 pm. The Holiday. A much better movie choice. Independent women choosing the spend the holiday alone. This is what I’m talking about.

12:30 pm. Ok. Pretty convenient for Jude Law to just show up like that all perfect.

12:33 pm. I’m out of Kahlua. Fuck.

12:47pm. Frozen. Now this is the holiday message. Elsa spent years alone in a room and came out awesome. Hanging out alone is awesome.

12:50 pm. Phone is beeping. Text from Amy.
[Sure you won’t come with me to my mum’s? I can pick you up in an hour.]

12:51 pm. It’s so silly that people feel bad for me. I don’t need pity. I mean, look around this place, I’m…
[Ok, ok you twisted my arm. See you soon. And … thank you.]



photograph by Leeroy


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1 Response

  1. Anna says:

    Sweats, umbrella, all the movies mentioned, trying to convince yourself being alone on Christmas is great is all totally relatable! 🙂

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