Sad Girl
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You had me at your disposal…
like garbage tossed aside.
With a foul heart you stroked rebellious pride.
Cleaning out your closet tossed aside I lay,
toyed with my emotions…
no longer your prey.

Like junk hurled to the garbage,
worn out objects, no longer have use.
Leaving me, looking through waterfall blues,
facing an impending gloom.
No longer spoken, broken hearted reflects me.
Conjuring love…
though never for keeps;
cast away like autumn leaves.

You loved me, than left me filled with regrets,
not one response… did I ever get.
How can love mislead and abuse
such a fragile soul?
Much time wasted, only you controlled.

You’ve concluded this story,
near the ending of the book.
Looking back now… all I see
is garbage chucked, of nameless old things.
Throwing a diamond within rubble, amongst falling debris.


Photograph by Victor Bezrukov

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