The Ghosts Do Not Whisper

haunting poem
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Haunting Poem


I know not why
The ghosts do not whisper
As the sequoias softly sigh
But calmly I listen

Why are the only voices
That of the cabin’s moan
And the memories of my choices
When I know I am not alone.

The trees begin to feel my frustration
And join wildly in my wicked screams
And my curses of damnation
For those of my dreams.

How can those who I love,
Those who I so cherish,
That were sent above,
And those I watched perish,
Those who I set free,
Sit here, disenchanted
And give no thanks or show no glee
For all that I have granted!

Though now the wind howls
And the dark cabin for mercy cries,
Through the silence I feel only your scowls.
How ungrateful your invisible eyes!

I saved you! My sweets!
Your purity belongs only in Eternity.
I loved you! My sweets!
Your salvation has preserved my sanity.

Lo! My baby speaks
Muffled and muted,
I listen as the cabin creaks
And trees are uprooted

Harder I listen, it is the cries of my youngest
My only boy, come back to haunt
I am filled with a numbness
And reunion is all I want
I step into the air
Ascending from the ground
Fading, I still hear my heir
Filling the cabin with that terrible sound.



photograph by Vidar Kristiansen


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Kramer Lindell

I graduated from college with a degree in physics in 2014. I am now a professional wanderer. I love creating new minds, new hearts, and new worlds to share with you.

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