Gothicarus: Part VIII – A Timid Spring

Serial Poem

When the white came down, it was searing.
Dazzling, sparkling colors appeared.
She was terrified; she was intrigued
Was it possible the doom had cleared?

Desperation knows not to caution,
Bid oneself to be well aware,
That the shine may be a subterfuge,
Luring one into the demon’s lair.

So she cast aside all that she knew,
Dove headlong into the mirage,
And true, she found refreshment within
The shallows of his bright hermitage.

But when she strove to dig more deeply,
Increase the liquid prism’s flow,
The oasis then dried completely.
Returning the black she’d come to know.


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photograph by Teymur Gahramanov



VK Lynne

VK Lynne is a writer and musician from Los Angeles. She penned the award-winning web series 'Trading on 15', and her writing has been published in Image Curve, The Elephant Journal, GEM Magazine and Guitar Girls Magazine. She has authored lyrics for three of her own solo albums and for the bands Vita Nova, stOrk, and The Spider Accomplice.

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