Easter Sunday

Spring Love Poems
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Spring Love Poems


Fresh, alive, outside in the grass
Stretching, breathing
Watching the dogs
Smiling, chasing each other
Pretending to be four-legged animals
Attempting to be two-legged animals
The alert awake-ness, happiness in your eyes
Slept in till noon, exercising till three
You’re finally outside
Vitamin D
Nature, reality
Playful and free
Content to be
To feel emotions, talk play and breathe
You’re here with me
There you are
Are you happy? Can you see?
I see you glowing, sparkling
Martial arts teaching
Proud, gentle and laughing
Laughing at me punching
Punching the air
Allowing me to punch you
Gentle handling of the aggression
The freedom, the empowering action
The sun
White and yellow
The wind
Pulling and pushing, rolling the clouds
I hug you
You seem like you
Content, glowing, sighing relief
Just being with each other we’re okay
Feel the air
We’re not thinking about time or
Anything we should be doing
There is nothing else
Nowhere else we need to be
Out at the park
Just you and me
Catching the waves of grey, blue and green
You’re pushing me gently
You’re allowing me
Helping me grow stronger
I’m allowing you
To get stronger in every way possible
We’re doing our best
We’re helping each other grow
We’re there for each other
We’re nurturing each other
Watching each other
Like a prayer
Of gratitude


more by ANNA ELISE

Photograph by Kevin Schmitz


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