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It only took me half a lifetime,
To realize the truths behind the clichés.
Things we say every day, but don’t really believe.
Things that we must experience to understand.
This can only mean – that lessons aren’t for living.
They are for learning what to do…when life is done.

Because this can’t be all.
How could it be?
And how could we spend eternity adrift,
Incorporeal and soulless?
Then this would be the pinnacle,
And if that were so-
What a sad peak to reach.

So what then?
We live to learn to look beyond
To see the place where our knowledge is put to work.
We cannot know it or grasp it, yet-
For who can tell the secrets kept?
But that it is there- this is the gift.
This is the hope.
This is for what we live…For what we learn.


more by VK LYNNE

photograph by Amanda Flavell


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VK Lynne

VK Lynne is a writer and musician from Los Angeles. She penned the award-winning web series 'Trading on 15', and her writing has been published in Image Curve, The Elephant Journal, GEM Magazine and Guitar Girls Magazine. She has authored lyrics for three of her own solo albums and for the bands Vita Nova, stOrk, and The Spider Accomplice.

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  1. Mama says:

    Very thoughtful poem. Total agreement here.

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