Poem About Love

Love Poem

It all started
The moment you reached around my back
And rested your hand so casually
Right there, on my hip bone
I felt a tingle, then a surge of heat rise up through my chest and into my face
I tried not to look surprised
As we stood side by side
That radiated from your fingertips
Until the song ended
And you took your hand back to clap
And went off to get a drink
And now I lay here in bed
With a longing that I can barely stand
The aftershocks of your touch still haunting my body and mind
And deep in my core
I yearn
to scratch this itch
I never knew I had
That you unleashed
From one moment of excitement and relief
I reach down and touch the place on my body
Where I still feel the specter of you
Even though I know that holding myself
Just isn’t the same


photograph by Eli DeFaria

Image Curve’s Manifesto


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