She Once Showed Me a Love Story

story about love
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Love Poem


She brazenly sauntered in and did it for no other reason than to illustrate that she existed and that I was enough … as I was
Ever since then,
My tongue was set ablaze with re-telling that story
My ears were tuned
only for a voice that had the cadence, timbre and passion like hers
I now walked in the world
like the universe was eternally my garden
fearless and bold
because I knew that she was beside me

My eyes filled with sparks because I know what I’d experienced
But now,
I wanted others to know it too,
that she was indeed real.

It also meant that there was no coming back
from a love like that.


more by SHANTA LEE

photograph by Andy Muns


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  1. Nicely played! But get to-be more smart. I like it!

  2. shanta says:

    Thank you for reading Machiek.

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