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Poem About Nightmares
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Poem About Nightmares


Sleep has wrapped its thick bands around me
and lazily pulls me down into bed.
The alarm clock sits,
poised on the edge of the nightstand
relishing every minute that ticks by.
I’m still awake and its that much closer
to screaming me out of my dreams.

But I cannot send resentment its way.
I cannot betray it by slapping
the snooze button and rendering it useless
It has rescued me from the
paralyzing clutches of my nightmares.
And even though my feet ache
from running for my life,
I swing them over the side of the bed
and I switch it off sweetly
like a master scratches their dogs chin.



photograph by Travel Coffee Book


Image Curve’s Manifesto

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Noelle Currie

I have been writing short fiction and poetry for ten years. I recently completed the second of two novels that are currently unpublished. I was the winner of The Book Doctor’s Pitchapalooza in 2013 and recipient of the Gold Medal in poetry in the Tunxis Academic and Art Challenge in 2009. I submit poetry and short fiction pieces to the creative writing website ImageCurve.com weekly. I graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2013 with a degree in vocal performance. My second love is singing opera.

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