Shed a Tear

reflection poem on life
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No, I’m not afraid to admit
that I’ll always shed a tear
when my life is broken,
when the world is dark,
and there is no hope at all.

I’ll always cry
when a single mother cries,
when a bird’s denied to fly,
when you’re reaching out
for hope and no one’s near
just to say: it’s alright!

No! I’m not afraid!
Be gone, I need you not,
all I wanna do tonight
is to give away my tears

to those who admit
they’ll always shed a tear…



photograph by Damir Bosnjak


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2 Responses

  1. Mitroffsky says:

    This is a sincere confession, indeed! We should never be afraid to admit that other people’s sorrow has a place in our hearts. And hope that all tears will be gone one day…

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