So Warm, My Home

Winter Home
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The sun has set, yet the day is near,
the winter reigns, but the summer’s here,
snowy, cold and distant are the paths,
but there is joy and light within my heart.

Far beyond the storm the sea is calm,
so warm
and as the winds of winter fall asleep,
I see the rise of never-ending dawn,
my home
where the stars are shining bright,
so bright that there is no need of night…

Is it an illusion or the drinks are far too many,
is it just a feast of fools, or I’m going crazy…
Or it is just the ordinary song of broken man,
when answers hide away, I’m struck, I’m stone.
I’m simply dreaming of my future home…



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  1. Ilidan Stormrage says:

    Dreaming of a future home – here, there, everywhere… one day we’ll all find our home!

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