Death of a Voyeur

poem collection

Poem Collection


i. Voyeur

Tongue in cheek white as snow
liquid stream running
in silence,
running and cunning
cunningly running
and knowing,
tongue knows
cheek knows
nose knows no boundaries,
vision the fourth, fifth, sixth senses,
the whole time
life blooms through a
window screen,
I am there
I am here and I am there,
there in my head,
here in my body,
tongue in cheek white as snow
melting in silence

ii. Decry

Crying crying
liquid escaping
from my heart
betraying my soul
soul lost
soul found
soul grounded
soul bound to dry desert
eyes rocks in the desert
dry eyes
dreading eyes
dead eyes
the desert knows no bounds
knows no oasis
lizards escaping
from under the rocks
the seeing rocks
betraying my soul

iii. Skeleton (In My Closet) Key

skeleton key
opens things
opens everything
opens closets
full of skeleton
white bones
grey bones
black bones
back bones
no back bone?
dusted bones
dusty dust
can’t breath
choking coughs
skeleton dust coating my throat
coats coated in dust
I wear a dust coat
the dust coat wears me
my lungs full of skeleton bone dust
deeping into my muscles
heart muscle
creeping, creeping
veins creep
veins are creepy
veins are pumping
veins stopped.


more by A. M. LAINE

photograph by Redd Angelo


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