We Already Went There

Spoken Word

The emperor’s new clothes
Slides from fingertips
past lives
Freely returned to their
Place in the stars
No need for stress
We are what
Flowers are for bees
Breeze to mountains
¿Y Tú?
I am as confident of my destiny
as a river
So, too should you be
For I have not left
Only returned
To you

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photograph by Daniel Roizer

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Lord Bison

Jazz-soaked spirit running circles around despair...or something like that. Really. Lover of words, lover of being in worlds free...just...free. New Yorker, artist, Virgo besieged by airhead tendencies akin to Libra moves. Bronx is home base. Began an obsession with writing at seven and twenty-odd years hence, still at it. Enjoy/love/hate/be bored/appreciate to your heart's content. Or something like that. http://www.lbisonartist.com

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