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Short Story I was 16 when I had my first abortion…only abortion actually. I’ve only ever had one. I thought I should clarify that. I wouldn’t want to give you the wrong impression. I...

fiction about spiders 2

In the Shower

Short Story   Bill was in the shower. This time of the morning was his scheduled time and it was also his favourite time of the day. There, in his tiled palace, he was...

Dating Stories, Kitchen Date 0

A Second Date for Sheena

Short Story ‘Get the nipple clamps!’ He shouted as he strained against the handcuffs, something popped inside the mattress. ‘Shit, Brad, don’t break the bed. Where are these…these nipple clamps anyway?’ Sheena teetered over...

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My Mother’s Body

Family Fiction   I came from my mother’s body. Not quickly, not easily, but violently. I punched the air and tore holes in the room with my vengeful war cry and trembling limbs. Covered...