What Do I Look Like to You?

Best Life Poems

Best Life Poems


What did that mean just now?
That glance, that alluring
searching gaze
Focused on me
Or simply on some distant spot in the cosmos
conveniently located in my eyes?
Am I that transparent? I hope not

I know not

Do I?
A look
may lie perversely to one’s soul or reveal
a connection between hearts
Passion, fire
Or an icy vacuum?

How to tell?

Could your look
Embody a feeling for me so vigorous
that you must look again? Maybe

But then again, I might just be
one of a million images thoughtlessly
inverted on your precious retinas

Then was that gaze not just
a flash of optic brilliance inverted in my heart
To mean more than what it truly was: a look?

And I stare back at you, transparently
baring my heart on both sleeves, pant legs, and lapels
And your heart rests in a space as enigmatic
as the smile in your eyes.

Do they smile for me?


Check out more of Sam Rosenthal’s work at samrose101.com

Photograph by Victor Bezrukov


Image Curve’s Manifesto


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