Cup of Tea, Cup of Coffee

Haibun Poem, Cup of Tea, Cup of Coffee

Haibun Poem


Eighteen years earlier across the pond, a cup of hot Earl Grey tea. Hot bitter-sweetness spreads out from the first sip. Daylight fills the living room through cream curtains. The hum of morning traffic arises from a busy Wigmore Street.

Today, at home, a cup of hot Columbian coffee. Hot bitterness explodes from the first sip. Daylight illuminates the dining room table through a veil of translucent drapes. The wind-chime sings in the morning breeze.

clear day
light through a window shines on
an empty cup


Photograph from

Image Curve’s Manifesto


Frank J. Tassone

I fell in love with writing ever since I wrote my first short story at the age of 12 and my first poem in high school. My free-verse has appeared in the literary e-zine Pif. My haibun has been published in Cattails, Haibun Today, Contemporary Haibun Online (CHO) and Contemporary Haibun, CHO's annual print anthology. My haiku has been published by the Haiku Foundation. My senryu has been published in Failed Haiku. I regularly perform haibun and other haikai with Rockland Poets. I am honored to be a part of the Image Curve community as a contributing poet. Visit my website to see more of my poetry. Follow me on twitter @fjtassone2 and like my Facebook page American Haijin for updates on my latest work.

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