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I stand side by side your waters
Hearing nurture’s rippling waves
Trembling, looking upon you I stand unafraid,
cascading like a sparkling vision
of spring flowers thriving in the mist of summers rain
Vivid sound of the open calming sea
Once pregnant, waiting, expecting me
Given birth to the sea creatures calling your womb their breast
Like a suckling infant without rest
As the pondering fishers carefully watch the tide which brings them in
You’re lustfully enlightening, guiding other just like me
Welcoming all into your vast open sea

So mother of the waters hear my heart and soul
I yarn to know all the secrets under your control
I dare myself to explore
I’d pledge my oath, for my life I bid to thee
Drifting away into your unknown beauty
I stand humble, eager like a child I seek
Bound by the thrill and sheer amazement of it all
You’re a haven, a sanctuary, shimmering the reflective skies
A captain of the sea will enjoy a good sail
So I slip into a vast slumber,
Of what heaven really can be;

Once seeking flight from the core of life’s cell
Now sheltered, within your convent I remain
So I…
Sail wondrously through the water
ready to explore.
As I tell you “I’m ready”;
while beams from the luminous moon shimmers…
throughout darken rippling shores.


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