My Proclamation To You

Love Poems

Love Poems


My proclamation to you

I proclaim to you,
You are the soul
Bringing my life to life.

Your nourishing love
Is the instrument
To my salvation.

Encompassing my heart ardently.
Possessing my burning desire
Locked up and full of fire.

I humbly lay at your feet
With my abiding everlasting devotion,
Wrapped spirit dwelled in you.

Treasures bestowed by you
Fountains of falling inspiration,
Celebrating in all we have endured.



Photograph by Caleb Ekeroth



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Thomas DeAngelo

This is a writer of modern poetry and an inspiring writer. Residing in the lower Appalachian mountains of Pennsylvania where he enjoys reading, writing and is his spare time hiking. He has been writing since the 1980's with expectations of being published. The words that flow by ink are the defeats and enjoyments of the life lived in the years that accompanied the mind of a writer that measured his time recognizing the passions of surrounding people.

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