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Coasting – Part Six

Short Story He turned his head so quickly back to her that he almost tweaked a nerve. He thought the haymaker had already been delivered. Von: “Do you mean…” Milly picked at her nails for...

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Holly’s Party

Short Story   Brian picked me up everyday. I waited at the south entrance with Evan and Quinn. Brian didn’t have a sixth hour so he would go home first and then come get...

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The Boy Who Cried Bacon

Short Story Rachel Steep, currently seated in a hunter’s green armchair across a mahogany table from her student, normally stands a full foot taller than the neurochem-wunderkind Irwin Twimble; granted this doesn’t say much...

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Where the F**k Is the Pizza?

Short Story   I woke up abruptly gasping for breath. My heart raced as I tried to decide whether I was more frightened or confused. I decided I was unsure, stood up, and without...

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What I Believe

Poem I believe what I see I trust in what I touch I find it easier seeing what’s in front of me I find truth in my inner eyes vision Born into a (Roman)...

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Empty Gestures

Haibun Nothing left to offer but the rain sunset on the Ramapo Mountains not a drop falls more by FRANK J. TASSONE photograph by Frances Gunn The Writers Manifesto