Poem About Love Lost
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Poem About Love Lost


For years at end she waited night and day,
Longed for his love in every way.
When he finally came around confessing his love,
she felt it was already too late.

Her affections had flowed the other way.
Her perceptions had turned grey.
Low love is such a curse of life
when it refuses to go away.

She didn’t know her wrong from right
but she knew it was better for them to stay away,
For now she loved another man in sight
and he had his eyes on the opposite way.

Since when has love become so practical?
Since when has the mind become so mechanical?
Since when are we able to create magical rainbows
with mere artificial realism.

So calculative. So controlled.
Her heart still yearns for something more.
Damnable unsatisfied mind,
They all end up as beggars under the beautiful moonlight.



photograph by Brandon Morgan


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