The Reckoning

Sad Girl
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I did what my mother and her mother done before me…
sit down… shut up!
Just listen; stay in your place…
your worth is no more than your race.
Tears fell from fear,
deceived… held hostage by things taught.

So give me wings to fly and I’ll soar fiercely…
over them rocky mountains, below the salty sea…
among the shimmering diamonds ray.
Piercing me thoroughly with boiling flames,
anger shames and I’m the one you blame.
Repeatedly mistreating me…

So, I did what my mother and her mother done before me…
pulling, ripping out life hidden deep inside.
Muttered tears quietly flowed.
Silenced now.
Murdered innocents… betrayed
the defender delayed, underestimated the moment to act.
A Goddess, put forth by Gods hands…
the womb grows from lust.
A prison sentence marked by fading dreams…
timeless thoughts reflect on frozen yesterday’s theme.

So, I’ve done what my mother, and her mother didn’t do before me…
I’m not your personal punching bag or your own private whore!
Being a victim… is no more.
How convenient to… mislead, abandon truth.
Enough; no more allowing wolfs in sheep’s clothing to lurk.
Seeking out pastures… that was once so vivid and green.
Now lies deprived, wasting away by hungry thieves.

Enough; no emotions linger…
from the cold nights, where the old owl gazes on chanting words of wisdom.
I leave a past that will always be mine, but not mine to keep.
I’m not doing what they did before me…
I’m not following a path of uncertainty.
The seed of change lies with me… I’ve broken free!

Though if I stayed
If only I stayed
For love;
death would have consumed me in the middle of its nightly wrath.


Photograph by John Steven Fernandez

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