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The Literature page on Image Curve houses most works in prose or poetry that bend reality through numerous creative minds and give us new perspective to read the world.

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Moon – Part One

Short Story A moonless night in a forest of silence. Save for a single soul. A hunter stalking between the trees. When he moved he was nothing more than a shadow in the trees,...

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We’ll Fly Away

Short Story   Salma stared at the clouds all day. The quiet stilled her mind to let her dream dreams of flight. Salma would find a way into the library after closing and spend...

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Pariah Queen

Short Story She never meant to kill anyone. Or anything. In this moment nostalgia yet again hotfooted through her synapses; a jagged, fiery sensation. Her mother was a striking artist and a fashionable smoker....

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Weep and You Weep Alone

Trash up to your ankles. That’s what it’s like in the alleys around here. The dejected, the lonely, the ghosts. We all live in them. Camouflaged with garbage. You almost never see us, not...

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The Last Drink

 Short Story   “I’ll take a double spiced rum on the rocks please,” I ask the bartender sitting down to a stool at the large wooden bar. The place cast a vibe of abandonment,...

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Coasting – Part Three

Short Story Von arrived at the local pub. It didn’t take him long to detect his three friends boisterously laughing on the other side of the place. He waded towards them and removed his scarf,...