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The Literature page on Image Curve houses most works in prose or poetry that bend reality through numerous creative minds and give us new perspective to read the world.

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Snail Eyes

 Short Story About Friendship I once knew a girl that painted the most realistic eyes onto the backs of snail shells. Willow was her name and she was by far absolutely brilliant at it....

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Rosemary’s Heart

Rosemary walked around with her right palm pressed over her chest. She was beautiful and I was not the only man who loved her. She stood against walls at parties, a slight smile on...

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Pariah Queen

Short Story She never meant to kill anyone. Or anything. In this moment nostalgia yet again hotfooted through her synapses; a jagged, fiery sensation. Her mother was a striking artist and a fashionable smoker....

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Animal Dilemmas – Pig Lizard

Short Story   The Lizard was used to attacks of the sort. As if every living creature wanted a piece of its home. The Lizard knew exactly what to do and how to time it....

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Saturday Afternoon

Short Story The woman came by each Saturday afternoon with a record player and a considerable stack of records. The hands that dropped them into place were heavily veined and thick with age, shaking...

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Animal Dilemmas – Cat Bee

Short Story The Bee flew out of the window like a rocket using all its strength. Ejecting its poison into the giant required tremendous effort. What the Bee didn’t know was that most bees of...