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Many stories take place in the center of the world – New York City. Writers like to takes us there on adventures of all kinds. It’s faceless crowds are composed of the greatest poets and artist in the universe. Here nobody is different because everybody is different. Welcome to New York!


The Old Skyline

Spoken Word I was caught out red-handed The backs of my hands Stained with the drops of logic Since following the worst my city Had to offer All of sudden, the horizon and skyscrapers...

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A Letter to Basquiat

Images juxtapose. Image is just a pose for those who wish to see it Impoverished young artist, paint spattered suit. Undercover bum, cardboard boxed in Central Park. Using the spoon in your mouth to...

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Finding Wobbly Doll

Historical Fiction   “It’s them Bolsheviks,” Gertrude Delaney overheard a policeman say as he read the New York Times. “They want another bloody revolution.” She bowed her head guiltily when he caught her staring, and...

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Old World Market

Haibun An aroma of sharp cheddar and freshly baked bread. Wood rafters and paneling rise to a slanted ceiling. A Buddha on one wall, and other cultural icons spread around. We make our way past a...

For Tony, For The Men Who Get To Stay 1

For Tony, For The Man Who Gets To Stay

When I finally leave Mallory’s place, the second wave of the bar crowd is just getting home. They bubble up from the yawning mouths of subway stations and lurch indoors with their arms around...