Trembling Hands

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Her hand trembled in mine
watching the path through the trees.
“It is dark, it is scary,
you cannot go.”

Her feet begged her eyes
with a nervous step back
to look away.
But eyes are ruled by the soul.

I pulled her in close,
and with a whisper in her ear,
told her that I could
if my hand could tremble with hers

“But anything could happen.”
I looked at my love
moved forward slow,
smiled and told her,

“That is why we must go.”



photograph by Mars Williams


Image Curve’s Manifesto

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Kramer Lindell

I graduated from college with a degree in physics in 2014. I am now a professional wanderer. I love creating new minds, new hearts, and new worlds to share with you.

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  1. Great work, man. Been a fan of yours since I read “This Is A Satire” for the first time.

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