poem about mistakes


Once upon a time I dug a hole into the ground and fell in
A Hole
Thereupon, I did find myself in a hole
I am in a hole I thought
I am in a hole
You came by to visit and said, “do you want to get out?” and I said “no, not really.”
You said, “You do realize you are in hole?” and I replied, “yes, I do indeed realize that I am in a hole.”
“You are in a hole, you do realize that”
“Yes, I do realize, I am in a hole!”
“You are in a hole” you said to me sarcastically, “a hole! don’t you want out?”
“No not really, I dug it myself and I feel very pleased with myself”
“Very well, then!”
Very well, indeed, and then you left me there in a HOLE!
I was abandoned! I was forsaken. I was all alone in a HOLE.
I suffered tremendously. I could not get out of the hole I had dug for myself.
And so I died.
Then you came to bury me.
And I thought, “What impertinence, that I should be buried by the person who left me to die!”
And so I began to haunt you, for you had forsaken me! And you must be haunted!
Thereupon, oft you would sense my presence near by, and say something to the effect, “I know you are there..”
And I would not reply because technically I was dead.
Yet, you would hear me still….
Thus, you would say, “I know you are annoyed, that I left you in the hole, but I did not know what else to do…., are you really going to haunt me? I rather like it.”
And I thought, how dare you, how dare you, enjoy, enjoy this very moment!
I will reincarnate, and return as your puppy, and dig holes all over your back yard, so you know it is me! And I did just that!
So you kept me on a leash, and gave me the same name I had before.
I really liked my leash, and my lack of free will. It suited me quite well.
At last we were truly happy.
I have always known that I need to dig holes
It is very fulfilling to dig a hole
but even more fulfilling to be on a leash
whenever you are near
yanking my chain


photograph by Yanko Peyankov

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Julie Maya Panda

Julie Maya Panda is a Mystic Poet & Spiritual Hynotherapist living in San Francisco, CA.

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