Seeing You

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I see you.
All the parts.
Even the ones you
don’t think you show.
I feel
I hear
your soul
talking to me,
the essence of
who you are.

I see it.
In your eyes.
In the way you wrinkle up
your face.
How you hold your body…
it tells me of
the lives you’ve walked.
Your smile reveals
the mischief you hide
just under the surface
intense serious

Once in a while,
I glance a crack
in the veneer.
A sideways glance or,
unexpected laughter.
The light peeks out
and warms my skin.
My heart
cracks the joy on my
face too.

I hear your heart.
Not just the thumpity-thump
when my head lies on
your chest.
I hear the deep parts that
only can be expressed
through your body, your
music, your quiet
between the lines of

And, here’s the funny thing:
I know you put on the
masks, the layers
to hide those bits.
Afraid to scare me,
or the world.
But, really,
We need more of your
All of it.
Your Spirit.
Your Joy.
Your Heart.
I want to hear you
infuse my body,
my cells,
with all of who
you are,
I see you anyway.

more by MISSY

Photograph by Fora do Eixo

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  1. Petar Vasilev says:

    Epic poem, this will go down in history : )

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