Three Years

new poetry
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The weariness shows,
Time now slows, and life cripples
Autumn lets out a sigh

Incubating Ice
Shelter all the loneliness
Anesthetize me

Our copulation
Rain puddles that we drowned in
This budding tension

Fresh, Lush, and Depraved
Beer spit into empty streets
From Alley Rooftops

Tar pits once again
My eyelids will decompose
The futile flowers

Ice now in my lungs
Liquor in my trembling veins
Endless and endless

Cold tranquil forests
Melting through the snow of you
Take away my day

Once more the hot tar
Once more the setting summer
Another year lost

Life drops from branches
I write more suicide notes
But wont buy a gun

Dead men found in Ice
Next to your feelings for me
I hate you, you bitch

Weeds grow from my floor
At least something is growing
As I only shrink

The sun burns dearly
And I shall burn with the sun
Beneath the charcoal


more by T. Mapley

photograph by Jeremy Ricketts


Image Curve’s Manifesto

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