How to Die

Floor Boards
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Turn off the television
Pull closed the curtains
Let their fabric touch

Make the lights low
Go ahead, and run a bath
Then select a sharp razor

Now it would be prudent
To forgo communication
Pull the phones from the wall

You don’t want to be disturbed
So cut the wires, all of them
To test the blade

Don’t forget current can kill
Stir the water in the bath a few times
Then unplug five more things

Next go look at that picture
Of the woman you still love, see her
One more last time

You keep it under your bed in a box, remember?
It’s in with some letters that she once gave you
And a pair of her knickers

It’ll spur you on, I promise
Think about how the two of you used to fuck, then
Remember her lies

Like when she once told you
That all those times she said, she loved you
She never really meant it

She wasn’t even thinking of you
Every time you wrapped legs
She just wished she was dead

The water is probably flooding by now
Splashing onto the floor
Drag the old hall light in there

Take a chance you won’t need to sever flesh
Although warm suds make you nicely numb
It’s really up to you

You could go sit in the garage with the car
Turn on the engine and wait
All doors closed

There’s an oven sat bored in the kitchen
And what purports to medication
Is an overdose waiting to happen

Why not make a noose from the knickers
That would be fitting
Let her kill you twice

Just be sure your method makes a statement
Did she end it with a letter?
Then you choose a thousand paper cuts

On Valentine’s day? Tear out your heart
Celebrate the artistic license you have
Then begin to cry


Jake Carter-Thomas’s latest novel – Nineveh Fades, or, The Bomb Shelter

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