Author: Will Hemlepp

short story about tragic love 5

Behind Eyelids – Part One

Short  Story The shock traveled up his arm and twinged into his neck muscles. Rippling like a predator cat, he slowly hefted the iron bar from the sticky mess between his feet. Flakes of...

Walls are Alive 0


“There’s something inside the walls,” Steve whispered. He leaned closer, ear nearly brushing against the faded, salmon wallpaper. So close, he could feel it through the miniscule hairs on his cheek. Breathing slowed to...

Horror Fiction Stories 0

Cupcakes and Fingernails – Finale

Horror Fiction Stories Senses dimmed, she only took notice of the gravel digging into the back of her head and the clear evening sky above. Whoever had decided to build a tiny park in...