How to Become an Extrovert

How to Become an Extrovert

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‘The best conversation you could ever have is with a stranger.’ Said someone well endowed in the universe of a fruitful chat. The liquid shapeless manner of the matter of talk elevates it to the parent of literature. Much more randomly artistic even poetic at times. Unrecorded, short-lived, temporary or is it? What are the tools? Is is a gift? Is there a guide for how to become an extrovert? Something like you should do things you are uncomfortable with, like stare people in the eyes or smile all the freaking time.

You should act as if everyone you meet is your dearest friend. That sums it up indeed! Easy-peasy! More like easier said than done. We are not all wired to be that way. We want more than just to pretend of being someone else. Well the bottom line is that two out of three human beings are naturally wired introverts. Deafening your nature is not easy, it’s a process so take the first step and talk. Small talk, big talk, get emotional, share, and people will share back. There you have it.

A good chat with the right company is quite the opposite in fact. It is a work of art disappearing as it appears in the scale of the world. But for the interlocutors it provides comfort, pleasure, experience, entertainment. A good chat stays with you, its highlights become the building blocks of your opinions and principles.

It’s a vice-less sin. Those who take pleasure in a conversation are many. Those who are masters of the witty turns of fate and improvisation, conversationalist are few. The ones most comfortable in front of a crowd. The extroverts mixing words into sentences.

In the Spanish proverb, the fourth man necessary to compound a salad is a mad man to mix it. Like drunken gods they flow without stumbles, like a fountain full of words, often deaf to the opposition. Possessing an undeniable ability to bring the whole life into the focus of the subject threated. The presence of a talker of this statute can be felt even if one is blindfolded, the legend goes.

But blind chat with random encounters is hardly the only incarnation of this most available art. Common ground fuels the fire of talk. Knowledge of current events, same books, songs, films, islands, tomatoes and so on, adds depth, hence meaning. Curious is the chat between the opposite genders. There is always some sort of a barrier, an invisible fence forcing both parties to agree or not listen at all. But when that barrier matches in frequency it magnifies the splendor, and the universe of chat makes sense.

To the wonder of pleasurable conversation, a sign of life well lived.

How to become an extrovert? Be the best version of yourself and all powers of nature will come to you.



photograph by Ryan McGuire

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