3 Key Principles to Achieving Your Dreams

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Originality, excellence and discipline shall propel you forward. Yes, it is that simple. Yes, it is another form and concept to follow. Alternatively make up your own but it will be pretty close to this if you want results. What more about the key principles to achieving your dreams?

Just settle on a field and focus them in a firm direction.

What would life be without fear? If everyone stuck to their guns and marched forward taking firm stands on behalf of their dreams. If nobody settled for less! Then the outcome of the rat race would be determined by other sentiments and features of human nature. As it is quite the case now for those who have overcome the fear of failure. According to the entrepreneurial gospel, once you leave the land of oppression by unfulfilled passions, and commit to your custom design destiny in the universe, impossible is nothing.

If the pace corresponds to the urgency of the need and you stay hungry and foolish you will be delivered to your promised land. (If the universe is infinite, therefore everything has happened at least once, therefore everything is possible. Quantum Theory.) Above all you have to follow a few golden principles. In three words: originality, excellence, and discipline. Originality comes if you look for it. There are infinite amount of gaps in society’s needs that need filling (teleportation, walking on water, bigger TVs). Excellence is the pure exhaustion of every detail until perfection (sleepless nights and caffeine). Discipline is channeling every single drop of energy towards the goal (hating vacations and giving up a social life, that is).

Not all of us are cut out for this sort of lifestyle. But those of us who are, love it, they are addicted to it. Their greatest joy is to wake up and start working on the building blocks of their dreams. They are addicted to the avant-garde cutting edge of their ideas. To them everything else is riff-raff. They bloom incognito in the shadows of corporate America. They avoid young men and women who only know how to sing and joke. They live outside reality. Reality for them is stubborn, irregular and awkward. They are ever striving to maintain or overthrown the inherited patterns of life.

They live outside the chaos and constantly strive to give it structure. They keep society’s wheels turning headed into the future. They grow to become the governing technocrats. Work hard, get lucky, amass a fortune, dream of immortality, collect art, open a museum to drink your tea in. (The rest of us are just visitors.) In the end their success is measured with the things they have sacrificed. They find peace and love not in people but in engagement and flow. In the act of solving, overcoming, and juggling multiple obstacles in the name of the very process of doing so, detached from the final fruits of the action. Same rules apply. So which one are you?

There you have it the key principles to achieving your dreams. Break a leg!


photograph by Vadim Sherbakov


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